Luke Bryan is taking a break from his day job to become a professional baseball player -- at least for a few hours. While in St. Louis, Mo., for his That's My Kind of Night Tour, the 'Play It Again' superstar tried his hand at some batting practice with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Bryan had two sold out shows in St. Louis but let off some steam with the major league baseball team beforehand. The pre-game ball game was thanks to a friend of his, who just happens to be Cardinals starting pitcher, Adam Wainwright.

"'Sup y'all, it's Luke," says Bryan in the clip off the team's official Instagram. "Just took some BP with the Cardinals. Wainwright - Waino - hooked me up, and I had an awesome day....Thank you St. Louis, love you guys. Go Cardinals!"

Bryan is currently in the middle of the second leg of his That's My Kind of Night Tour, which will be hitting major stadiums all over the country through October. Fans can see more pics of Bryan playing ball with the Cardinals on the baseball team's Facebook page.