A lucky Minnesota casino patron hit a HUGE payday this weekend, walking away with more than $300,000 in winnings from the Kentucky Derby. Runnings Aces Hotel, Casino, and Racetrack in Forest Lake, posted about the BIG winning ticket Saturday right after the race.

The winning ticket helped the winner pocket $321,500 by hitting the superfecta on race day!

What's a 'Superfecta'?

When someone participates in wagering on horse racing, you need to specify what you are wagering on. Are you just picking the overall winner? The top-3 places? You can even be as specific and bet on the finish for the first 4 in the horseracing field in that one particular race, which is what this person did in wagering. That is what they call a 'Superfecta'

Superfecta - A superfecta is an exotic horse racing bet in which you'll need to select four horses from a single racing event and predict in which order they will finish is considered a winner. The four selected horses need to finish in the top four spots in the exact order you predicted to win.

The initial amount bet on this ticket was $5040, which in and of itself is a pretty substantial bet for someone to make, which tells me that winning $300,000 maybe wasn't as nearly as exciting as it would be for someone like you or me, wither way it's a neat thing to see that someone had some good luck here in Minnesota over Derby Weekend.

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