Little Big Town are up for pretty much any musical challenge, as the acclaimed vocal group made apparent yet again during a recent television appearance. The Grammy-winning singers applied their trademark harmonies to Oasis' "Wonderwall."

The Beatle-esque track was released in October of 1995 as the third single from the British pop-rock band's acclaimed (What's the Story) Morning Glory? album, and topped singles charts in countries all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Spain, as well as reaching the Top 10 in many more, including America.

Little Big Town put their own unique spin on the track during an appearance on ABC's Greatest Hits, which features contemporary music acts covering songs from past eras. LBT's performance was part of an episode devoted to the music from 1990-1995. If "Wonderwall" seems like a stretch for the group, they explain it really wasn't, since they were in the process of forming during the years when Oasis -- and particularly that song -- were such an important part of pop culture.

"It was kind of like the soundtrack to the start of becoming a band," Karen Fairchild says in the video above, prior to the group's performance.

Their arrangement brings out an almost California '70s country element that was not a part of the original vibe of the track, demonstrating that not only do Little Big Town continue to be some of the most inventive artists in country music, but also that a great song is always capable of transcending genres.

Though they've built their career primarily in country music, Little Big Town have flirted with other genres in covers before, and even recently released a pop-flavored project, Wanderlust, on which they collaborated with Pharrell Williams.

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