Special thank you to Extension Educator Claire LaCanne in Rice and Steele County for organizing today's AM Minnesota with University of Minnesota Soil Scientist Paulo Pagliari PhD. to discuss soil biologicals and bio-stimulants. I have been hearing about different biologicals and stimulants that you could add for example to your liquid fertilizer in furrow and the bacteria would fix nitrogen for your corn.

I have also heard about other products that would help make your applied phosphorus and potassium more available to the corn crop. Others claim to help make the zinc and iron more available. I asked Claire if there was someone at the University of Minnesota that could talk about these products and if they had done any research on them.

Click on the link above and listen to University of Minnesota Extension Soil Scientist Paulo Pagliari PhD. talk about these products. Also, Paulo is from Brazil and talks about how Brazil's soils compare to ours in the Midwest.

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