If you were to ask 100 Minnesotans, "What's the best comfort food in the world and why is it lasagna?" At least 90% would say, "Because my mom used to make it so every time I eat lasagna I'm literally feeling my mom's love. Plus leftovers!"

Lasagna Love Isn't Just Something We Keep In Our Heart

There is a nationwide volunteer movement and organization to feed people lasagna (and that includes right here in SE Minnesota!). You're having a hard time in life? Lasagna is the answer. Sitting down to a pan of freshly made lasagna, the aroma brings you back, triggers happy memories, and the taste transports you to a place where, for this moment at least, bills aren't stressing you out.

That's literally what Lasagna Love is all about and I didn't know this until I saw a post on Spotted In Rochester, a loving post letting all of us know lasagna is here for us.

Are you a teacher/school employee/bus driver starting back to school with all kinds of stress? A parent overwhelmed with the fact that there is so much uncertainty again this year?

Your neighbors with Lasagna Love would love to bring you a home-cooked meal to take one thing off your plate during this busy season. Go to lasagnalove.org/request/ to submit your request or nominate a friend!

Seriously? Is Lasagna Love For Real?

Lasagna Love is a community impact program that connects neighbors through gestures of kindness, goodwill, and support. The nonprofit has joined together more than 30,000 active volunteers from around the world and abides by three simple principles: feed families, spread kindness and strengthen communities.

Lasagna Love volunteers share a seminal purpose: exist to assist. To learn more about Lasagna Love and how you can get involved, visit lasagnalove.org or our social channels, @WeAreLasagnaLove (Instagram and Facebook).

How Do I Make a Request or Volunteer

These links'll take you there!

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