The Lanesboro Fire Department issued a release saying they will conduct a live-burn training session next month.

According to the release, the Fire Department plans to conduct a live-burn that will include either partial or total demolition of a building by burning on July 27th. According to Lanesboro Fire Chief David Haugen, the Fire Department said it would be a great opportunity to see the fire department at work, practicing techniques and skills to better protect you and your property.

Haugen also issued a reminder to protect your car, laundry or anything else that might come in contact with smoke. Also, to close any windows if you can smell smoke in your area.

The house will be lit with three different types of training. First, an interior fire is set to learn about basic fire growth and extinguishment. Next, firefighters learn to attack a fire from the exterior and work their way into the interior. Finally, they work on the burndown and will practice protecting exposures. Pump operators are also trained in drafting operations in the rural environment.

All surrounding fire departments were invited to participate in training activities.

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