Saturday morning seems so peaceful and quiet.  It's hard to believe just 12 hours ago a storm blew through southeast Minnesota.  And blow it did.  I saw a photo on Facebook posted by Cheryl Aberg of damage at Sylvan Park in Lanesboro.  Camera in hand, I headed to Lanesboro this morning to see for myself.  A good stretch of Highway 16, especially by Inspiration Point, was covered with remnants of tree branches.  It was obvious crews had been out and about clearing the road of downed trees.  Making the turn by The Cracked Egg, all I could hear was the sound of chain saws.  Nearly every street had trees down.  City crews, neighbors, Norby Tree Service were all working hard to clean up the mess, the backs of pick-up trucks filled to overflowing with branches.  So many beautiful, majestic trees down.  I love trees so this saddened me.  Fortunately, I did not see any property damage.  A miracle considering that the downed trees were in the residential part of Lanesboro.  Several homes and inns had near-misses by branches and limbs.  While crews sawed and cleaned, artisans were busy setting up their displays at Sylvan Park for Art in the Park.  Quite a contrast of activity.  Check out my photos below including the gorgeous double rainbow over Preston taken last evening by our chief engineer, Ryan Corwin.  More storms are anticipated tonight.  Hopefully not as severe as Friday.

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