Last week the folks over at Kraft challenged us all to take a look at which products needed to be infused with pumpkin spice for fall. I wouldn't have personally included mac and cheese on that list, but when the company unveiled a plan to bring pumpkin spiced macaroni and cheese to Canada, folks went pumpkin spice crazy! Why can't we have it down here in the United States? Fear not cheese and pumpkin spice lovers in the lower 48. Your day has come.

Through tomorrow, you need to use the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceKMC#Sweepstakes, as well as tag @KraftMacNCheese on Twitter for a chance to win. Yes, you won't be able to buy this in any store. It's a give away. I'll give you a moment to deal with the disappointment. Once entered, you'll have the chance to win one of 1,000 limited edition pumpkin spice Kraft Mac N Cheese products.

Delish reports that an overwhelming response to the contest happened in Canada, Kraft officials decided to bring the contest down to the U.S. as well. My only question was, what were they waiting for? Do they no know that this country is crazy for everything pumpkin spice once the temperature dips below 70 degrees? Enter now and who knows? If this goes well maybe Kraft puts it in stores next year!

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