A well-stocked kitchen makes cooking easier.  Foodies will tell you that that's essential for creativity - having the tools you need readily available.

Confession time:  I like to cook.  Because of that, I often get asked for advice when it comes to food-prep. My top two tips when it comes to cooking are having the proper tools and having enough of them.  I've cooked in other kitchens where they don't have enough equipment to go around.  Nothing is more frustrating (or time-consuming) than having to stop the process in mid-recipe to wash and dry a spoon or bowl in order to continue on.  If you had multiples of these items, you could just continue on with the process, finish prepping your meal, and then do the general cleanup after you're done.

While I'm not suggesting that you need multiples of every item in your kitchen, duplicates of some items are a must.  You can probably get by with only one stove, dishwasher, or food processor, but additional pans, spoons, and bowls can make the job (and the cooking) and little easier.

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So what kitchen tools would I recommend you have duplicates of?  Read on:

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Kitchen Tools You Should Have More Of

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