We all can learn a thing or two from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's marriage. The couple attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday (Jan. 30) and were all smiles and complimentary to each other on the red carpet.

Kidman was nominated at the 2016 SAG Awards for her performance as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco. She told E! News that in preparing for her role, she met numerous people who knew Kelly personally.

"I also just studied her. My mom adored her. So my whole life, it was always Grace Kelly. You know, you could fall into the Marilyn Monroe camp or the Grace Kelly camp, and my mom was the Grace Kelly camp. What are you?" she then asked her husband.

Urban's reply? "The you camp."

"You can't choose me," Kidman responded with a laugh. "It's Marilyn or Grace."

"Yes I can, actually," he said, holding Kidman's hand.

Urban and his wife connect when it coms to his career, too. When asked about his decision to make his Urban Guitar Collection available through HSN, the singer said he hopes people realize learning guitar is not difficult.

"So many people want to play guitar and it's not as complicated as everybody approaches it," he explained. "I try to eradicate a lot of that nonsense."

Kidman related, saying that music is healing. "He's always said that it's such a great thing to listen to music, but to play it, it's so healing," she added.

The pair will celebrate 10 years of marriage in June.

Urban will continue his support for music and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum this year on April 12 with the All For the Hall benefit. The country star and American Idol judge is also on his Ripcord Tour this year, with an album of the same name TBA.

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