Some people like their food spicy, and apparently one Kasson resident likes their food so hot it caused an evacuation of their Apartment Building...

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According to Bring Me The News, multiple First Responders were called to an apartment building located at 3rd Ave. SW and 6th St. SW in Kasson on Monday afternoon. Multiple 911 calls were made from residents stating it was,"feeling like there was smoke in the building" and were having trouble breathing. When Kasson Fire Chief, Joe Fitch, arrived to the scene, he learned that it wasn't a fire they were dealing with, just another resident who was cooking up some really spicy peppers on the stove for dinner which, "gave off an oil or smell that burned your eyes and throat, making it hard to breath".

No one was injured, but 15 people from 5 different apartment units were evacuated from the complex. Fitch stated to BMTN that in his 18 year career, he has never experienced a call like this.

We did not find out what they were cooking for sure but it was some kind of sauce for their dinner. Very hot dinner


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