With so much unexpected downtime due to COVID-19 shutting down tour plans, Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn have had a lot of quality time together…and it shows.

On Wednesday (Dec. 30) Brown posted a compilation of videos, all mimicking how he views his wife’s mannerisms and the daily interactions she has with him.

With a towel on his head to represent Katelyn’s long hair, Brown gets into character. First off, he pokes fun at Katelyn’s competitive nature as she works out on the family’s stationary bike.

“How are these other moms beating me? Babe, babe, how many calories do you usually burn? I’ve been going for two hours and I'm at 53,” Brown voices as he acts like he's exhausted from the workout.

Then, it’s off to interacting with Brown (or Katelyn’s impersonation of Brown) as he’s gaming. It seems Brown is rather in the zone when it comes to video gaming, but Katelyn would rather cuddle.

As Brown tries to get Katelyn’s attention, acting as her husband, she finally looks up.

“Sorry babe, didn’t see you there,” Katelyn says as she takes off the gaming headset. “Um, I was just wondering if you’d come and cuddle, for like 10 minutes,” Kane wheedles as he tries to convince his wife (or his alter ego) to step away from the computer.

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Brown saves the funniest part of his role reversal with his wife for last, spoofing her extensive bedtime beauty regimen. Filmed from their bedroom, Brown goes off to get ready for bed and Katelyn turns on a movie. By the time Brown comes back into the room, the movie is completely over.

“Babe, you’ve been in there for over an hour! You’ve going to bed, not out to dinner,” Katelyn says as Brown-as-Katelyn gets into bed.

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 4.49.35 PM

Brown’s impersonation is pretty impressive as he reenacts moments as his wife. However, we are equally impressed with Katelyn’s ability to mimic her husband!

The couple have devoted quite a bit of the pandemic downtime to making fun videos for their followers. Katelyn recently posted a video to the tune of a viral TikTok, showing off all the outfits she had planned to wear this year…but obviously couldn’t.

They also switched places earlier during  quarantine, except instead of mimicking each other, they swapped clothing!

We're looking forward to seeing what the Browns have up their sleeves for the next fun video!

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