Lifelong Fillmore County resident, John DeGeorge, has put his name into the running for the Fillmore County Sheriff. DeGeorge is a captain on the Fillmore County Sheriff's department.

DeGeorge has been a Captain for the past ten years, and initially joined the department as a deputy.

“Over my 20 year career I have built relationships and respect with fellow employees, former Sheriff’s and Chief Deputies, local Police Chiefs and Officers, county and city governments and the public that I’ve served," DeGeorge said in a press release. "This is respect that I have tried very hard to earn, and never demanded. I believe that a Sheriff should serve with trust and transparency and I look forward to the opportunity to be elected as the next Fillmore County Sheriff.”

DeGeorge lives in Rushford with his wife and two children.

The current Sheriff, Tom Kaase, has been the sheriff since 2015, has worked for the Fillmore County Sheriff Department and the Rochester Police Department.

The Sheriff's seat will be up for election in November 2018.


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