I believe I just discovered the ultimate festival in Wisconsin which unites three separate ideas into one big massive event featuring bacon, beer, and cheese.

Bacon, Beer, And Cheese Festival In Wisconsin Is One Of Highlights Of Summer

I have been to a bacon fest. I've experienced a cheese festival. There are even some beer events in my life too. I never thought that two of the three could be paired together for one special celebration let alone all of them. Now, this place hosts the best three-tier party in all of Wisconsin.

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It's funny because I believe if I Googled the quintessential Wisconsin festival this one would come right up. Think about what the residents enjoy. Number one, beer. Check got that. Second, cheese. Well, they are nicknamed Cheeseheads. Finally, there's meat and what's better than bacon?

The event will be held on June 8th from 1 pm to 5 pm in downtown New Glarus. The cost is $50 if you're boozing it up on beer and $25 if you're not drinking. That includes unlimited samples of bacon, beer, and cheese. I heard there might be some other things to check out like sausage.

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They had me at bacon. This festival is over 21 and pet-free. Tickets are on sale now. There's live music for your entertainment. Plus, New Glarus is a really cool little town. It will remind you of being in Switzerland. Lots of neat little shops and restaurants. They even have a brewery.

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