How else would you spell doom in Illinois without the aid of a disaster prepper?

You know, the kind of person who already has a bunker filled with non-perishable cans of food for when the nukes finally get fired or when the dead return as zombies?

The Prepping Guide, which includes plenty of articles on survival, tech, homesteading, and gear, shared a list of potential targets and safe zones on a US Nuclear Target Map.


While that shouldn't be new news to anyone who has followed world events over the last few years, one mention made me raise an eyebrow.

Besides the obvious calling Chicago a large city that "might be a target," according to The Prepping Guide, I saw a list of other nuclear targets in the U.S:

Active nuclear power plants are large targets as well. There are nine just on the east coast and more spread out over the continental United States. Right now, there are around 90 active nuclear plants in the United States, and more are on the books to be built.

The Exelon Byron Nuclear Generating Stat
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On the list of nine "large targets" are the Braidwood and Byron, Illinois, nuclear plants.

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To better understand why, I saw this on The Bulletin website, where they mention that "attacking a nuclear power plant can disrupt the electricity supply, which is vital for military operations and civilian infrastructure."

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They also add the damage of a nuclear facility could "release harmful radioactive materials which could indirectly damage or destroy other military objectives."

In case you're wondering, says per the Geneva Convention, "Nuclear power plants 'shall not be made the object of attack even where these objects are military objectives' unless the generation of the electrical power provides direct support to military operations."

What that means is the Geneva Convention doesn't allow for nuclear plants to be targeted during war. However, there are some loopholes, as you can see.

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