Minnesota may be the Land of 10,000 Lakes but it's also home to over 850 cities. But only one of those cities has been named one of the Most Charming Small Towns in the entire country.

The World Population Review says Minnesota is officially home to 854 different cities. Minneapolis is the largest, with a population of 419,405 while the smallest is a city called Kinbrae, in Nobles County, which has a whopping population of ... wait for it... 12 people.

But do you know which of those 854 cities was named one of the Most Charming Small Towns in the United States? It's one of just 50 cities across the country to receive that honor, according to a survey from MSN, compiled by the crew over at LoveExploring.com.

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"Worlds away from the USA's biggest cities, many of America's small towns are filled with treasures and offer life at a deliciously slow pace. We've chosen our favorite dinky towns (and a few teeny-tiny cities) from every state," is how MSN described their list.

So which of Minnesota's 854 cities is one of the MSN's Most Charming Beautiful Small Towns in America? It's... Lanesboro! Lanesboro is located in Fillmore County, nestled in the Root River Valley bluffs, and about 125 southeast of the Twin Cities.

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Google Street View

Here's what MSN had to say about Lanesboro in their survey:

The small town of Lanesboro in Minnesota sits along the scenic Root River State Trail – covering around 60 miles, the route can be enjoyed on foot, by bike, or even with kayaks or tubes right on the water. Back in town, Lanesboro's quaint center is full of individual shops and bars, with a refreshing lack of chain stores and fast-food outlets.

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According to the Lanesboro Chamber of Commerce website, not only is Lanesboro the Most Charming Small Town in Minnesota, it's also the Bed and Breakfast Capital and Rhubarb Capital of Minnesota, and is, of course, the place to catch Minnesota's Root River State Trail if you're looking to do some biking or hiking.

Plus, if you're looking for something to do before the Minnesota State Fair starts this year, Lanesboro is also the home of Buffalo Bills Days, which is held each summer during the first weekend in August. So, congrats, Lanesboro! You really ARE beautiful!

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