Friday the 13th, at 7:30 AM, Rochester Minnesota's Mayor Kim Norton will deliver her State of the City Address (see it here). Today, Norton was the guest host of the Y-105FM Early Morning Show, and offered a preview of her address, plus described longtime Rochester radio guy James Rabe perfectly.

I think you're weird, but not because of that.

How Do You Make Your Bologna Sandwich?

(James Rabe)
Bologna sammiches with Heinze Ketchup. (James Rabe)

Scroll down to watch the video or hear the podcast of Mayor Norton's State of the City preview conversation, but if you're curious about bologna, you're in the right place.

Live radio can go anywhere, but no one expected James Rabe and Mayor Norton to go deep and express bologna sandwich thoughts...

Rabe: I do ketchup with, uh, bologna. And everyone thinks I'm weird because of that. I only use mustard if I'm frying the bologna.

Norton: I think you're weird, but not because of that.

Rabe: Like I often say, "Hey, I might be weird. I might be a jerk, but this is not evidence of that.

When asked for his response to this morning's bologna back and forth, Y-105FM Early Morning Show host Jame Rabe said, "The Mayor is not wrong...and it's funny! Please don't send any negativity her way."

Mayor Norton's State of the City Address Preview

Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN
Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester, MN

Mayor’s State of the City

  • Friday, January 13, 2023
  • 7:30 a.m. program
  • Mayo Civic Center, Suites 102/103
  • Info here.

Mayor Norton said the city will be rolling out a process to be more supportive of Rochester businesses.

City of Rochester / Art by Rabe
City of Rochester / Art by Rabe

Mayor Norton:

Well, certainly in the recovery from the pandemic, we really have to double down on trying to support our business community. So I'll be talking a little bit about how we're going to be doing that and some of the efforts that have been made behind the scenes to this point.

We're gonna roll out a process for trying to be more supportive. So...I think that's really what folks in City Center are looking for right now. We're trying to be responsive.

There was also a conversation about using grant money to raise awareness in the BIPOC community for great jobs in Rochester's construction industry.

Mayor Norton:

And that will be a million dollars over three years, to help BIPOC women, black, indigenous people of color, women get into the construction fields. Because we are a growing city. We need people working in the construction area. There is a shortage of construction worker....

Click play on the video to hear these conversations and more about homelessness, great Rochester City Council work from 2022, and more.

Which Rochester Has...

Mayor Norton also won a rousing round of "Which Rochester has...", a game showing if Norton can tell what is in Rochester,  Minnesota, or Rochester, NY. Click PLAY to hear the entire show.

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