When you were a kid, did you ever set a card table up in your front yard and dream that your Kool-Aid creation was going to help you become a millionaire?  If not, you missed out, because this was my summer every SINGLE year and I loved every minute of being a Kool-Aid pusher.  Figuring out the price, making signs, and yelling at people (nicely) who were driving by so they would stop to buy a cup of my masterpiece - that was the start of my marketing career.

I know that there are kids in Byron, Rochester, and Stewartville, Minnesota that have that sales bug inside of them.  I see them all the time in this town.  Kids who are walking through Target and acting like the boss that they are, chatting with all of the nice team members in the store and customers.  They seriously could run the place if you let them.  Kids with "spirit" that are on stage and entertaining the crowd.  The gamers who are amazing at that computer but are even more of a genius at a business plan.  Trust me.  If they can figure out who to play Fortnite, they can run a business.

Kids with a huge variety of skills are in our town!  If your child is one that is ready for a fun summer entrepreneur adventure, they are in for a treat because once again, Lemonade Day is back!  They even get free swag!  Pretty sure I can get them to plug their lemonade stand on the radio too.  (In fact, I know I can...see how to make that happen below.)

Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

Free Program For Kids (With Awesome Swag!) is Back Again in Rochester, Byron, and Stewartville, Minnesota

I know summer can get extremely busy but having kids myself, I know that having fun activities for them once school is out is VITAL (for all of us!).  One item to put on that Summer Bucket List is Lemonade Day on June 8th (or whatever date works best for your family!).

Hey there, super parents of the world's future business leaders! Did you know that Lemonade Day is a fun, free program that teaches youth how to start, own, and operate their own business - a lemonade stand! You'll get cool resources by signing up - including a workbook, shirt and backpack! 🌟🍋 - Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page


How to Register for Lemonade Day in Rochester, Minnesota

Here are a few details about registration, including the link you need to make it happen:

  • REGISTER:  Click here to Register or stop in at any Think Bank Branch
  • GET YOUR FREE SWAG:  Stop by the following to pick up all of the free items you need for you selling day
    • May 23rd - Byron City Hall - 11am until 1pm
    • May 28th - Byron City Hall - 2:30 - 4:30pm
    • May 30th - Chamber Office - 5pm - 6:30pm
  • After you register, it is time to get your lemonade stand ready by branding your stand, figuring out your recipe, developing a business plan, and more!

Get on The Radio and Let People Know About Your Lemonade Day Stand!

Last year, a genius dad sent us a message and let us know where his kids' Lemonade Day stand was at...and that was shared on Y-105FM.  This year, I thought we could make sure all kids participating in Lemonade Day had that same chance.  If your child would like to let the world know where their Lemonade Day stand is at, radio is a pretty powerful marketing tool...and I just happen to know someone who has a radio show.  Me!

Here's what to do if your child would like to be on the radio:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Deadline is June 5th at 5:00 pm
  • Step One:  Figure out what you want to say.  You'll have about 15 to 30 seconds and you should include your name, the name of your Lemonade Day stand, where it will be on June 8th, and why people should come visit you (some call this a tagline).  Here's an example:
    •  Hey, it's Jessica and I would love to have you visit my Lemonade Day stand - The Lemony Drip - at 123 4th Street NE in Rochester.  I'll have the best lemonade in town AND some delicious cookies that you'll love.  You may even want to buy two.
  • Step Two:  Open the Y-105FM app (download it on your device if you haven't already!), hit the audio button, and leave me a message with what you want to say.  If you mess up, don't worry, you can just erase it and try again.
  • Step Three: Listen to Y-105FM for YOU on the radio the week of June 3rd, including June 8th.  I'll do my best to send you a note when it will be on-air so you can listen.  Good idea though to have a device playing Y-105FM (105.3 FM, 104.9 FM, or listen live on the app) at your Lemonade Day stand too. Fun music in the background is always a good idea...and who knows, you might hear your own voice while you are pouring a cup of lemonade.
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce


I said this on the radio the other day but just in case you missed it, there is a rule that all adults must follow on Lemonade Day.  If you see a Lemonade stand, you MUST stop.  So, this is your nudge right now to throw a few extra dollars in your car so you are fully prepared.  Kids are pretty smart though today and they might even have Venmo.

Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce
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