UPDATE 9/23/23 12:00 PM: Luke Bryan's Farm Tour stop in Eyota has been CANCELED. See the official statement from Luke Bryan's Farm Tour promoters

One of the BEST days in Minnesota is almost here!  Just in case you haven't heard, Luke Bryan is bringing his Farm Tour back to Eyota, Minnesota near Rochester on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.  THOUSANDS of people are going to be there.  I went last year (took a few photos you can see below) and wanted to make sure everyone learned from my mistakes and came prepared for an afternoon/evening of extreme fun.

Below are a few tips to help you out, including a list of 10 items you really need to bring on Saturday:

10 Things To Bring to Luke Bryan Farm Tour Concert

If you are heading to the Luke Bryan Farm Tour there are a few must-have items that anyone in general admission should think about bringing.

How Bad Is The Parking and Traffic Situation at the Luke Bryan Farm Tour in Minnesota?

Last year, it seemed like everyone hopped on social media and started complaining about the traffic once the concert was over.  It was a gorgeous night with 20,000 people and it was, in my opinion, amazing.  You would have thought, based on the comments showing up on Facebook, that it was the worst thing that ever happened in Southeast Minnesota.

Here's the thing...there are a lot of people that are coming to this concert.  When you go to a concert up at Xcel Energy Center, Target Center, or U.S. Bank, you expect other people to be there, right?  Granted, there are usually a lot more people in attendance at those but it is a concert.  Anytime you bring people together, it is going to cause some traffic disruption for a little bit as people are coming and going.

Plan ahead and arrive early.  Be patient as you are coming to the concert and leaving.  But it is just like every other concert...it takes time.  The team that helped manage the traffic flow last year did an amazing job.  I'm thankful that they are there and I'm sure they will do a great job again this year.

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One of the most amazing nights in Southeast Minnesota - the Luke Bryan Farm Tour! (PHOTOS)

When famous country star, Luke Bryan, announced that he was bringing his Farm Tour to Eyota, Minnesota, and tickets sold out in less than 2 days, you KNEW an epic party was going to be happening in Southeast Minnesota.

And it did. And I've got the photos to prove it!

20,000 people showed up to party on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 with Luke Bryan, Riley Green, Jameson Rodgers, Peach Pickers, and DJ Rock.