Who knew you could run into the mob at Jason Aldean's bar in Nashville?

The mob allegedly approached former Vanderbilt QB, Mo Hasan, and offered $300,000 to fix games at Jason Aldean's bar. As stated on the Momentum Podcast, when Hasan was separated from his friends at the bar, a member of the Italian mob approached Hasan and offered the big payment to throw games.

The member of the Italian mob had said that he had already made deals with Alabama players, encouraging the former QB to go along for the bet. The accused Italian mob member allegedly said that players in the SEC, now NFL, had already been a part of the scheme.

According to Sports Illustrated, he said, "We regularly talk to guys in your position about fixing games."

Lots of people are speculating on this story to connect the dots.

"I knew there was something up when BAMA lost to michigan! Now it all makes sense!!! laugh emoji" one user commented.

One user jokingly comments, "In a heartbeat."

Another user jokes, "The referees decide a lot of games".

On a more serious note, "If the mafia really came to him and he don’t want to go missing; be best not to talk about it." one X user says.

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