Jason Aldean celebrated his 47th birthday on Wednesday (Feb. 28), and in a tribute post, his wife Brittany showed her love in the sweetest way possible: Through quoting one of Aldean's own romantic ballads.

"YOU MAKE IT EASYYYYY (to love you," Brittany writes in the caption of her post, nodding to her husband's swoon-worthy 2018 hit, "You Make it Easy."

"IT'S MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY," Brittany adds elsewhere in her post. "We love you sooooo very much [Jason Aldean]! The best hubby, friend, daddy we could ever ask for."

To go along with her birthday tribute, Brittany shared a video montage of her favorite moments with her husband. Tropical vacations, family outings and time spent at home are all heavily in the rotation in this roundup, as are snippets of Aldean cuddling up with Memphis and Navy, the two young children that he and Brittany share.

The montage also includes some you-kinda-had-to-be-there moments. Fans who've been following the Aldeans pretty closely will recognize some outtakes from the time they parodied President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, for example.

Aldean's country career also gets a mention in his birthday montage, with a shot or two of him onstage and a short clip of the family hanging out with Luke Bryan.

Of course, no birthday tribute would be complete without some memories Aldean and his wife share, and those are featured, too.

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In musical news, Aldean is gearing up for another busy year in 2024. His Highway Desperado Tour is expected to kick off in May; the trek takes its name from his most recent album, which arrived last November.

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