Carrie Underwood isn't afraid to dabble in other genres of music, and she's a fan of any artist who does the same — even when the dabbling is being done in country music.

When it comes to her bread-and-butter musical format, the American Idol winner is a fan how broad the stroke has become.

“There really is something for everybody now,” Underwood notes to Yahoo Entertainment. “One of the great things about country music — and this is true for music in general — is that every genre has really just broadened itself."

"If you like things that are more traditional, you can find those. If you like things that seem more pop, you can find that," she says. "If you like things that can cross over into other genres, you can find something that you love — and it's all part of the same family."

"I always welcome that,” Underwood adds.

What Does Carrie Underwood Think of Beyoncé's Country Music?

When it comes to other artists making country albums, like Beyoncé and Post Malone, Underwood isn't bothered. In fact, she respects their courage to stay true to their positions as artists above anything else.

“I love that people like Post Malone and Beyoncé and Jelly Roll, and people like that, are artists first and foremost," she explains. "They kind of weave in and out of different genres of music, and I think that's really cool.”

Has Carrie Underwood Done Any Non-Country Albums?

Underwood has put out two projects that pushed her outside of country music. In September 2020, the "Denim & Rhinestones" singer released a Christmas album called My Gift, and six months later she put out a gospel album, My Savior, in March 2021.

The Oklahoma native is also a big fan of classic rock: She performed with Joan Jett at CMA Fest in 2019 and brought Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose on stage during her set at Stagecoach in 2022. She even opened a few shows for the legendary band in 2023.

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