We all know that the Mall of America is the most overrated tourist attraction in Minnesota. Yes, it's wonderful. It's a very large mall with an amusement park in it. It's not that I don't enjoy the occasional trip to MOA every once in awhile, but to have people travel across the world to check it out - yeah, no!

Dave Olson Facebook
Dave Olson Facebook

So what is the most underrated tourist attraction in Minnesota? There is so much beauty in this state. Is it Duluth or the Split Rock Lighthouse? Gooseberry Falls? Minnehaha? According to Minnesota residents, it's the Boundary Waters. AGREED! Over a million acres of pure natural beauty - forests, diverse wildlife, and pristine glacial lakes and rivers. In the Boundary Waters, the night sky is so clear that you can see the Milky Way and sometimes even the Northern Lights.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, The Dells was voted both the most overrated AND underrated.

In Iowa, the Iowa State Fair was named the most overrated. Adventureland was voted the most underrated.


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