This past week at work, I've gotten some confused looks from a few of my coworkers. It all starts with the same question:

"...Is that baby food?"

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

Why, yes! Yes it is. This, of course, leads to the second question:

"...Wait. Why are you eating baby food?"

Fair question. Look,'s the deal: Baby food isn't just for babies. It's actually a pretty solid snack when you're a 33-year-old man with things to do! Trust me, this will change your life.

Benefits of eating baby food as a grown adult who pays his rent every month include:

- It's a quick snack when you're busy at work and don't have any change for the vending machine

- It actually tastes pretty good and comes in a variety of flavors

- Each one of these bad boys costs less than a dollar (this one was 89 cents)

- It's definitely less boring than snacking on vegetables...ICKY.

- It takes me less than five seconds to suck down that sweet, delicious baby food puree (because I'm a big boy)

Seriously, stop looking at me like that. THIS IS NOT WEIRD.

You can find packets of baby food at most grocery stores here in Rochester. They're usually found in the baby aisle.

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