The Austin Daily Herald says it looks very possible.

The story does provide much more information than this: Hobby Lobby applied to take over the old Target building in Austin. Hannah Yang writes, "City Administrator Craig Clark confirmed on Monday afternoon that Hobby Lobby had applied for a sign permit at the former Target building located at 1701 18th Ave. NW at the Austin Town Center strip mall."

No additional details can be confirmed at this time.

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Hobby Lobby In ACA Contraception Case
Getty Images: Joe Raedle

The "building" mentioned was a Target in Austin until 2015.

Though we've heard of a few Hobby Lobby locations closing throughout the country recently, overall it's a successful company making just over $4 billion dollars a year. This probably explains why they're still looking to move into a new location.

Would you check out a new Hobby Lobby in Austin? Do we need more in our area?

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