"Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over." That's all it takes to activate the new Siri Shortcut called "Police", which is now available for all iPhone users.

Now, unless you're planning on breaking the law or even wanting to test this function out for fun there's really no need for it of course, but Apple's iOS 12 allows you to secretly record interactions with law enforcement.

According to CBS News, once this app receives a verbal command, it goes into Do Not Disturb mode, pauses sound or video and sends a message to a pre-selected contact letting them know where you are and that you've been pulled over. You can also start recording a video of the encounter. Once the video is stopped, it is sent to the chosen contact and the phone's functions return to normal.

I can't speak for others who have ever felt uneasy or even threatened around police, but having an app like this available for when things may go south certainly isn't a bad thing. I just hope none of you reading this will ever have to use it.

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