Check out this great video! I guess there are "fringe benefits" of being neighbors to a high tech company in California like INTEL. They put together this Christmas light show in the night sky using drones! Watching the video you could see cars just stopping in the street to watch the Christmas light show. This video was making the "rounds" on the internet and was forwarded to me by Duane Jonas from Goodhue.

This may come as a surprise but I do know what a drone is as they are used by farmers and agronomists to scout fields. They are especially nice later in the season when the only other way you can scout your field is by walking it. What I do not understand is how they can control all those drones in perfect unison? You would think it would be done with computers? Maybe a computer can be programed to control each drone? Maybe that is why I am a part time farmer and radio guy instead of working for INTEL.


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