Yeah, it's pretty rare-- in fact the last time this happened here in Minnesota was back in 1983.


What is it? It's the unusually cloudy, overcast autumn we just concluded here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Or should we say the Land of 10,000 Cloudy Days? Because that's what happened this year. (Ok, it's more like only 40 Cloudy Days, but still...)

Meteorologists writing in the Climate Journal on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website noted that this years Fall season-- which they count as the months of September, October, and November-- had a TON of cloudy, overcast days. The most, in fact in 35 years, making the Fall of 2018 the 4th gloomiest on record here in Minnesota.

The post noted that according to the "U of M St. Paul Campus Climate Observatory it was the least sunny meteorological autumn since 1983 and the 4th gloomiest autumn on record. There were 40 days of mostly cloudy to cloudy conditions for the three month period," the site said.

And while we don't have the meteorological data to prove it just yet, it sure seems to me like we've continued that trend here in December too. Outside of seeing some sunshine on Sunday, it seems like most days have been cloudy and gray so far as we wind down the year.

Oh, well. There's not much we can do about, though-- except maybe wait a few minutes. Because that's all we need for the weather to change here in Minnesota, right? ;)

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