Ice fishing is a popular pastime during a long winter in Minnesota. I mean come on, we have over 10,000 lakes to choose from for ice fishing. However, things can go wrong, even if it's just a silly mistake and that's what happened on a northern Minnesota lake last month.

There were two friends up in northern Minnesota having a good time ice fishing. They had their ice house all set up, holes were all set in the ice, they had their lines in the water, chairs set up, and they were sitting back to relax. Then one of the friends, Mojo, left the ice house to go get another friend who was joining them that day. That's when trouble hits.

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The guy left in the ice house, I believe his name is Seth, is hanging out when all of a sudden the ice house and everything in it, including him, are getting dragged along the ice at a rapid pace! What happened was Mojo had hopped onto the snowmobile to get their other friend... and had forgotten to detach the ice house from the back.

The scariest part is when Seth flies out of the bottom of the ice house. I'm not sure if he did that on purpose just to get out or if the speed threw him out of there but either way a little scary. A bit later in the video, Mojo realizes what happened, he eventually ends up back at their spot with the ice house and Seth begins to put everything back together. Everyone involved seems to be ok! Seth shared the video on his YouTube channel, Get in There Outdoors.

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