According to Thrillist, KFC is about out a new biscuit dessert that's drizzled with Cinnabon glaze and frosting. Yes, please.

They'll be available for a limited time starting Monday, April 29th. And if you purchase a 10-piece meal or larger, you can get a free order of four Cinnabon biscuits. That's not a bad deal if you're someone who barely needs an excuse to eat fried chicken for dinner (like myself). I'm already looking forward to the inevitable food coma.

What makes these interesting is that they're basically a combination of KFC biscuits with Cinnabon glaze and frosting. Call me intrigued. If the four freebies simply won't do, they'll normally cost $1 each, or $3 for a four-pack.

They'll be going away after June 30, so plan accordingly!

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