How can you not be surprised at this?!

In Southeast Minnesota, many of us are fortunate enough to have the Mayo Clinic just a short drive from us for our medical care. Yet, does the clinic itself do enough to get Minnesota to the top?

The website Wallet Hub did a study that shows that Minnesota just closed in on the Top 5, coming in at number 4.

It said that Minnesota was just outside the Top 10 when it came down to cost, but it ranked in the 8th slot at Access and Outcome.

Those are some pretty spectacular numbers for our entire state, but when it comes down to a region, we have to think that our area would be near the top, no?

Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire came in the top three slots, while Lousiana, Mississippi and Alaska found themselves at the bottom of this list.

Again, it is hard to believe that Minnesota wouldn't come in at number 1, but what can you do? We will just have to settle for the best hospital in the world, I guess.

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