Man, can these hippos eat.

This video from 2014 is pretty simple, yet captivating: hippos eat watermelon.

Well, "eat" may be a stretch. The animals scarf down the fruit with the ferocity you eat Cheetos while binging on Netflix. That is, they take one bite and all the food has been mushed into pieces ready for them to swallow.

The only difference, of course, is these hippos are doing it with an uncut watermelon. Not even the best of competitive eaters can blitz their way through a piece of food like this.

These are the living definition of the classic game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. They eat the melons with the ease we humans enjoy Tic Tacs. Just imagine how fast they swig the Pepto-Bismol after they finish a light snack of eight or 10 watermelons as a way to tide themselves over until they enjoy a satisfying dinner of nothing but grass. Pounds and pounds of grass.

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