Minnesota Nice has been a thing for years and years and years. Yet, Minnesota Happy has never been the connection we have made, why? The latest study shows that Minnesota is 2019's third happiest state.

According to WalletHub, Minnesota ranked 3rd in "Emotional & Physical Well-Being", 6th in "Work Environment" and 15th in "Community & Environment".  With these rankings, Minnesota was able to only trail Hawaii and Utah in overall "Happiness".

Minnesota is also first in safety, second in volunteer rate, third in separation and divorce rate. With such a strong ranking in many different categories, Minnesota proved yet again that it is a great place to live, despite the weather.

The most interesting part of this study was the community and environment ranking. Minnesota's winters and construction season are notorious for being horrible. Yet, Minnesota still found a way to be ranked 15th. That just shows how great the communities are in this state and it also shows how great the people are in general.

Being happy must be contagious.


Source: WalletHub

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