Have you ever heard of this? There is a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty in Minnesota! It is way over in Western Minnesota, and is nowhere near the size of the Lady Liberty in New York.

According to Only in Your State, the sculpture sits at seven feet tall and is made out of rock. Yes, just rocks. It is was meant to be electric, so the torch would light up when it was plugged in. Pretty impressive feat by the sculpture H. P. Pederson. It is located in the little town of Arco, Minnesota which is in Lincoln County on the western border of Minnesota. It has a population of 75. Yes, just 75.

That is pretty unique for  town so small to have some cool roadside attractions. Not only is there a sculpture of ram, a Texaco Station and a bell. They are all pretty impressive, and I high encourage you to take a look at them HERE.

What do you think of the sculptures. Wouldn't these be pretty sweet to check out in person?

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