As the weather continues to turn more summer-like, the Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail bridgework is complete.

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That means trail users will be able to ride 60-miles of paved trail from Preston without any closures.

The Get Hooked on Preston Facebook page was obviously excited to share the news.

"We're excited to share that the Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail bridgework is DONE and the trail is OPEN! You can now ride 60+miles of paved trail from Preston without any closures! YAY! Be safe and have a great weekend!"

The trail is just one of the many reasons to check out Southeast Minnesota. Be sure to check out the entire map of the Root River and Preston-Harmony State Trails. You can get a map on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website here.

The SEMBA Bluegrass Festival is coming up May 21, 22, 23  in Rushford. you can get the full details and what you need to know on their website.

The Rhubarb Festival is back on Saturday, June 5th in Minnesota's Rhubarb capital, Lanesboro. You can get the latest details on this on their website. It takes place at Sylvan Park and even includes a rhubarb fashion show.

Don't forget, the 60-mile garage sale is coming up June 18-19 across all of the Root River Trail Towns. If you want to get your garage sale on the map, contact your town's representative by June 11th.

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