We all look ahead to check out the weather. Newsflash, this week has been ugly.

Of course, it starts with a nearly 70-degree day across Southeast Minnesota, but later this week the area could see HEAVY snowfall. According to the National Weather Service is expected a winter storm full of rain, snow and possibly sleet to hit the area. As of Monday afternoon, the forecast is calling for 3-5 inches of snow Wednesday night and freezing rain Thursday morning.

Depending on how this system tracks out there could be even more snow on Thursday into Friday.

It got me thinking, could we see more of THIS in Harmony  Wednesday after the snowfall hits?

Yes, that is a man skiing behind a horse and buggy just outside of Harmony. Remember that video? You can check it out again for yourself and see what people had to say about it on CBS News Facebook Page. If this forecast keeps up the way it looks it might, we just see this a few more times before the winter "officially" ends. Even though it was supposed to "officially" end a few weeks ago.

I just wish I had the balance myself to do it, looks sorta fun!

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