As I am writing this, today is the 87th birthday of Don Shula, coach of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins. Now flash back to the 2007 season and there was a lot going on in the NFL. The New England Patriots were competing for an unbeaten record, and they faced the New York Giants at the end of the regular season. It was a hard-fought game, and it was simulcast so that you could see the game on at least 3! different channels if I remember correctly. That set the stage for a Super Bowl matchup.

That final regular season game meant a lot to the 15-0 Patriots to move to 16-0, but the Giants were going in as a wild card team regardless of the outcome-only pride was on the line. It was just a 38-35 win for New England Flash forward and the Giants won 3 road games to get to Super Bowl 42! It was looking like New England was going to have it, but then-Giants teammates Eli Manning and David Tyree (who celebrated birthdays yesterday) pulled off a stunning play, Manning got out of who knows how many tackles, and David Tyree...well he made the catch of his life. I don't think he ever made an NFL reception after that game, but you can see his catch in the video below.


Thanks to the NFL for giving Free Game Fridays. Tune in a the 1:57:39 mark for the helmet catch.

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