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The Green Mill Restaurant is coming back to Rochester, in a slightly different form. Jessica Williams recently wrote about the Crooked Pint relocating to the Rochester Ramada by Wyndham hotel on South Broadway (catty-corner from the Fairgrounds)...

New sign alert in Rochester, Minnesota on South Broadway!  Looks like the rumor of a restaurant reopening is coming true.  But that's not the only signage that went up recently!  The Shopko North and Shopko South stores have quite a bit of activity happening right now for new businesses opening up.  (Keep reading about Crooked Pint)

What's interesting about these two brands moving into the same space? I'll tell you.

It's Not The First Time Green Mill and Crooked Pint Shared A Roof

Back in 2006, Green Mill opened to much fanfare and excitement. I remember doing broadcasts from there. Then, VERY suddenly, they closed New Years Day 2015. If I remember correctly, the only notice employees received was the sign on the door.

Anyway, who took that SAME space on Commerce Drive NW in Rochester, MN? Right, Crooked Pint! So, now, they'll be under the same roof again. Only this time it'll be Green Mill to Go...scaled down to basically pizza and wings. Not unlike what Pizza Hut did with moving to more carryout's than restaurants.

Green Mill To Go (Link to website)
Green Mill To Go (Link to website)

Does This Mean They'll Open Soon?

It could mean that. But I've known businesses to apply for and receive signage approval and then take weeks to get it all up and running. So, be patient and think of what we can call it amongst ourselves.

  • Crooked Pizza?
  • CrookedZa?
  • Crooked Pintza?

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com


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