If you suffer from migraines, to say that they are...not fun is an understatement. I know some family and friends who get them on occasion, and I've seen firsthand how they can totally incapacitate a grown man.

But there may be some good news for migraine sufferers after the FDA just approved new medication that could even help prevent them from developing. The new drug is called Emgality, which is meant to be self-injected once a month for patients.

Eli Lilly, the company that developed the drug, is even offering the drug free for the first year for patients with commercial insurance. Otherwise, the treatment is listed at $575 a month. That's expensive without insurance, but probably not as painful as an actual migraine.

The drug is expected to be available at local pharmacies, so be on the lookout for it if you're looking for some relief!

Source: KARE

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