Now, if the Vikings were back at Mankato, I think this just might be possible, but not anymore. Lucky for this fan, he was able to get on the field and start stretching with the stars of the NFL. 

According to this story from Fox News a random Pittsburgh Steelers' fan was able to go out and get a uniform that looked almost identical to what the Steelers wear and get on the field and start warming up during training camp.

Yes, he really got all the way onto the field.

It was too good to be true, though. His yellow jersey was the wrong shade, and the number 43 on his jersey (which hasn't been given to any player since star safety Troy Polumolu retired) made him stick out and was eventually escorted off the field by security via golf cart.

No Steelers officials would comment on what happened, mostly because it probably isn't great for player safety.

Either way, I bet all NFL teams will tighten up security on their training camp fields.

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