When inspiration hits you, it hits you, and Garth Brooks doesn’t fight it — even if he’s in the bathroom. The artist visited Jimmy Kimmel recently and shared a secret behind his prolific songwriting, revealing it’s not quite as glamorous as fans might think.

Brooks says nowadays, a lot of his songs-in-progress end up on his phone while he’s on the go (no pun intended). When Kimmel asks if he has ever written a song on the toilet, Brooks thinks for a moment, then appears to remember.

"'Thunder Rolls,'" he says conclusively, with a laugh.

Though Brooks may have been joking about that specific location, he did say that because he keeps all his notes in his phone, his new record Gunslinger ended up being about a year late.

“I fried my phone going to Brazil, and it had all the stuff on it,” he laments. “I dropped it in the sink while it was charging."

The artist was promoting his new box set, among his other projects hitting shelves, including a Christmas album of duets with wife Trisha Yearwood, and Gunslinger, out Nov. 28. Brooks goes on to share the last box set he purchased as well as the person he thinks is the “greatest entertainer on the planet” (it may not be who you’d expect). See his interview with Kimmel in the clip above.

Brooks and Yearwood are currently on his three-year-long World Tour, but he took some time on Nov. 14 to lend his advice on The Voice alongside Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and the other coaches. The 2016 CMA Entertainer of the Year and Yearwood are also slated to perform at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting this holiday season.

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