It wasn't long ago that Friends returned to the big screen for their 25th anniversary. I was there, in a dream lounger recliner next to my sisters and mom. It was very nostalgic watching the show I grew up on with my family by my side in a totally different light. Now they're back! What better time to hit the theater with your family than Thanksgiving week? And what better show to check out than Friends? Now, that's something to be thankful for.

Eight Thanksgiving-themed Friends episodes will be shown in ONE local theater - Rochester Marcus Cinema. That means we'll get an extra-large theater screen view of Joey and Monica with a turkey on their head, the crew playing football, the episode with Rachel's other sister, the one with the list, and several more. All the episodes have been remastered in 4k.

You can check out Friends-giving in Rochester on November 24th at 7p and/or November 25th at 4p and 7p. Click here to get your tickets.

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