The solar system is definitely one thing that baffles people.

We have only seen a small portion of it, but we are getting closer and closer to seeing it all. To many, the name Juno doesn't mean anything. It's just another name. But to NASA, it is a huge step forward. Juno is the craft that was sent to Jupiter to study the planet. Pretty big thing, I would say.

Not only does it offer a chance to see yet another planet, but it also broke a record. Foxnews reports that Juno broke the record for the fastest craft ever. Getting to Jupiter is a feat in itself, but it make it there going 165,000 miles per hour is truly amazing. Makes going 60 miles an hour seem super slow, right?

Juno was launched in August of 2011, to make the 1.7 billion-mile trip to Jupiter. It took almost five years for the craft to make it. But, yet again, another step into understanding the thing we call our solar system.

What does that big planet hold, though? I am sure as Juno makes it orbits around the Red Planet, we will learn more. Could we live on it? Everything I learned in school tells me no, but who knows, right?

What's next for NASA? Driving a vehicle on Mars or Jupiter. Exploring the rings of Saturn, or a trip all the way to Neptune? Only time will tell. I will be sure to keep an eye on it all.

If you want to know morea bout Juno, head over to Fox News. They have a pretty good story all about it.