Alcohol has caused 414 serious injuries across Minnesota form 2012-2016. That is why you can expect extra enforcement across our state as agencies attempt to bring that number down.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says officers, deputies and troopers from more than 300 agencies will be working extra DWI enforcement shifts starting today and running through Sept. 2.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides the overtime funds with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety coordinating the extra enforcement and education effort.

“From drunk drivers behind the wheel to pedestrians and bicyclists who have had too much to drink, we all need to be responsible for our actions on the road,” said Mike Hanson, Office of Traffic Safety director. “If you are a driver, line up a sober ride. If you’ve been drinking, stay off your bicycle as your judgment can be impaired. If you’ve been drinking and are walking to a destination, make sure a sober friend is walking with you. One bad choice can lead to a lifetime of heartache.”

The Department of Public Safety encourages you to find a sober ride and travel safely for you and everyone around you.

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