Did you know that every day, 22 soldiers commit suicide?  That agonizing reality is the reason why the Prevent 22 fundraiser was created in Southeast Minnesota.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Prevent 22 Fundraiser in Southeast Minnesota

According to the Facebook event page, the Prevent 22 Fundraiser was created to help raise money for Veterans, Service Members, and their families that suffer the lasting effects of war.  The reason is because of the soldiers.  Every day, we are losing 22 of them when they complete suicide.

Here's how you can help our soldiers - Show up for the Prevent 22 Fundraiser on June 24th.  Here's everything you need to know:

  • WHEN:  June 24th
  • WHERE: The Club - Bar and Veteran's Organization in Preston, Minnesota
  • WHAT:
    • 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm - silent auction
    • 4:00 pm until gone - walking taco bar
    • 8:00 pm until Midnight - JT Gunslinger Duo
    • Learn more at their Facebook event page here.
Prevent 22 Fundraiser
Prevent 22 Fundraiser
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