Occasionally we'll see lists ranking small towns and small cities across the country. Sometimes they're about the best small towns to raise a family, the best small cities for teachers, that sort of thing. This list recently released by Thrillist is the best small cities to live in the entire country. And one of those places that made the list is a town in Wisconsin near the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

Does Minnesota Have Any of the Best Small Cities?

Sadly, no small Minnesota cities made the list (even though we totally have some great small cities!). The other small cities on the list, other than the Wisconsin one we'll talk about in a second, are Bloomington, IN, Merced, CA, Juneau, AK, Fort Meyers, FL, Hot Springs, AR, Myrtle Beach, SC, Kahului, HI, Ithaca, NY, Flagstaff, AZ, Bend, OR, Greenville, SC, Bozeman, MT, Portland, ME, Gulf Shores, AL, and Burlington, VT. I'd say that these would probably be great travel destinations as well as being great places to live. If you're planning a trip but don't want to go to a big city, maybe check one of these out.

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Which Wisconsin Town is One of the Best in the Country

While a Minnesota town didn't make the list, a town in our neighboring state of Wisconsin did! That town (or small city) is Eau Claire. According to Thrillist, one of the big reasons Eau Claire made the list is because of the music scene. There's a 2-day music festival called the Eaux Claires that's been happening for years. There's also Rock Fest and Country Jam in Eau Claire. On top of the music, there's plenty of beer to try at the many breweries. Plus, when you're hungry, Thrillist recommends trying Stella Blues, Mona Lisa's, and Egg Roll Plus.

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What's your favorite thing to do in Eau Claire? Shoot me a chat message on our app and let me know! And while you're in Wisconsin, you may want to spend the night at a pizza farm. Keep scrolling for pictures.

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Stay the Night at a Pizza Farm Just 60 Miles from Rochester

There's an adorable, 16-acre farm in Cochrane, WI, called Suncrest Gardens. It's a pizza farm complete with an Airbnb that you can spend the night in.

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