It was around 11am when I got a text from my girlfriend saying she thinks there was an earthquake in Mankato, Minnesota. I didn't believe her out of the gate, but I thought it was interesting so I decided to dig a little deeper on Twitter. Here is what I found, at the time:

Mark Tarello is a weatherman at KEYC News in Mankato, but it ended up being just a scheduled explosion according to the Mankato Free Press.

Here are some other tweets from around the Mankato area of people experiencing the so-called "earthquake":

As you can see, people's homes, places of work and classrooms were all shaking. Right out of the gate, people were assuming earthquake, and for Minnesota that is just a little bit odd.

It apparently was a scheduled blast a a local quarry, and local police are investigating it now. You can see the full story from KEYC News in Mankato right HERE.

I went to college at Mankato, and i can only imagine what is happening on campus right now. I bet at the time of the shake, students were all over the place going crazy, especially with finals week approaching quickly.

Could you imagine if we had an earthquake here in southeast Minnesota? Man, I can see it now, sitting in the studio and all the equipment shaking. That is a big no thank you from me, mother nature!

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