Target Field, the Ellen Show and now, you can hear more of his amazing voice because Dr. Elvis has a new video!

Dr. Elvis is a name that you probably know already but in case you haven’t heard of him, he is an Orthopedic surgery resident at Mayo Clinic that has basically gone viral because of his amazing voice.  Singing for patients, in the halls of Mayo Clinic...he and fellow resident William Robinson are just amazing. They went viral with this video (here) and you can watch their performance on Ellen here.

I saw a few weeks ago that Dr. Elvis was creating a new video with the help of Media Core LLC. in Rochester.  The setting was a new space in downtown Rochester that was being transformed and the snippets that I saw just showed the talent from everyone involved.  

Now, we’ve got a little bit bigger clip to view!  Check out the video that was shared on Media Core’s Facebook page here or below.

So many talented artists in our area!  If you know of more that should be featured, let me know over on my Facebook and Instagram page!

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