I knew that Minnesota was home to some amazing musical moments and artists but I learned a new one today...and it is huge.  An artist that just hit 100 million streams on Spotify this week and went Gold yesterday with a song called "Betty" is from Rochester, Minnesota!

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Popular Rapper Who Just Went Gold with Song "Betty" is From Minnesota

If you went to Mayo High School, you are probably well aware of a fellow graduate by the name of Matthew Raymond Hauri.  If not, let me introduce you.

According to Wikipedia, he graduated in 2014 and then went to the University of Wisconsin where he got his degree in marketing.  Today though, he goes by the name Yung Gravy and was a guest this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Yung Gravy put his first song called "Mr. Clean" on Soundcloud and that's when it all started.  Since that first song, he's been signed to Republic Records, is RIAA certified Platinum, and has completed seven international tours.  He's also been busy in the studio with his music and in total has released one mixtape, three albums, and seven EPs.


I was reading through Yung Gravy's bio and at first, I didn't think I'd ever heard any of his songs.  And then, I found "Betty".  It's not something I personally have on repeat but I do know that I've heard this song before.  I'm wondering if Spotify threw this in my playlist recently just for fun while I was at the gym the other day.  Hmmm.

Congrats on your success, Yung Gravy!  I know you are hanging out with celebs now and showing up on Getty Images, but if you happen to see this and you want to chat with someone from your hometown, I'd love to have you on my national show or go live on Instagram.  Just let me know!  You can find me on Instagram at Jessica On The Radio or send me a DM on my Facebook page here.

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