St Paul (KROC AM News) - Minnesota restaurants that are still reeling from the coronavirus shutdown order issued a month ago may have another opportunity to make up some of their lost revenue.

Leaders of the state legislature have worked out an agreement that would allow restaurants to add beer and wine to their takeout orders. Under the agreement, restaurants would be permitted to sell up to 72 ounces of beer, cider and/or seltzer and a bottle of wine.


The bill was approved by the state Senate Thursday. One of the sponsors of the bill is Senator Karin Housley.

“Businesses across Minnesota have been devastated by the events of recent weeks. They’ve made the best of the situation by offering to-go sales of food – and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to sell their inventories of alcohol and make cash now,” said Senator Karin Housley (R-St. Marys Point), the bill’s chief author. “Minnesotans have turned out in droves to support their hometown establishments – and I suspect they will take advantage of these expanded offerings, too. The House is expected to take this up in the coming days and the governor has committed to signing it into law.”

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